Redneck Raftout 2021

Get Your Boat Ready by Labor Day 2021

The Wolf 94.5 is proud to be a part of the Redneck Raftout!! This year will be even louder with four bands! The Redneck Raftout is a FREE concert where you have YOUR friends on YOUR boat that’s loaded up with YOUR beer!! 2021 is bringing a new crop of Rock and Roll from the South, starting with The Lawless, Them Dirty Roses, The Georgia Thunderbolts and back by popular demand, Framing the Red!!

How to Raft Out:

  1. Procure required Raftout equipment: operational boat, inflatable flotation devices for each party member, and a cooler with libations enough for your group. Don’t forget about camping equipment!
  2. Establish Base of Operations: Transport party members and all required equipment to one of Grand Lakes campsites. Load boat with Raftout equipment and party members.
  3. Boat your way to Check In Bay: Upon arrival, fasten boat to others on the tie up line. prepare party members with inflatable floatation devices and libations. paddle up to protected swimming area in front of stage.
  4. Rock!!

Rocklahoma and Sturgis Veterans Return in 2021!!