i put in a seether song…

i’m sorry. i had to do it. i liked it back in the day… i wouldn’t be surprised if in the future there were “classic 90’s” stations, the 90’s had so many veins of rock that at least seemed original… primus sure was! i doubt there will ever be an 00’s station though, it’s like a desert out there. rock seems to be recovering though, bands like Dorothy, Rival Sons, Dirty honey, Greta Van Fleet bring something that wasn’t tarnished by the past twenty years, like it was bottled away ages ago and we’re just now raiding it out of our parents liquor cabinet. Dorothy says she’s got a new album coming too, if they come within 100 miles of here you can bet you’ll see me there!!

  • Myles Kennedy – In Stride
  • The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
  • Seether – Country Song
  • The Black Keys – Little Black Submarine
  • The Blue Stones – Spirit
  • Red Sun Rising – The Other Side
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow
  • Sons of Silver – Rude awakenings
  • Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown – Pressure
  • Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive
  • Dirty Honey – California Dreamin
  • Crobot – Burn
  • The Dead Daisies – Unspoken
  • Tripping Daisy – I got a girl

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